About Me


My Why, Mission, Values, and Background

Why do I transcribe?  Simple.  I know the work I am doing has a meaningful, powerful impact on the person I am serving.  TypeWell utilizes my knowledge, talents, and skills to remove communication access barriers for people who are D/deaf, hard of hearing, hearing impaired, late-deafened, suffer from a traumatic brain injury,  or are an ESL (English as a second language) speaker.   

My mission is to deliver concise, accurate, and confidential communication in a text format that is inclusive and tailored to each client. The results of my mission are reflected in my past clients successes and goal achievements.

Integrity, professionalism, dedication, and communication are values I embody every day.  From seeking out continuing education opportunities, staying up-to-date on industry standards and technology, and being versed in deaf culture, these values are present in every client interaction.


Before TypeWell I spent seven years with the U.S. Veterans Administration in program development, patient advocacy, and administration.  My time with the VA was invaluable.  I learned to collaborate with a wide variety of individuals, government agencies, and community organizations, manage large projects (VA/DOD Integrated Disability Evaluation System, Women Veteran Coalition, National Coalition for the Homeless, VA Healthcare Chronic Pain Board, VA Business Office Stoplight Report) and lead with integrity on large-reaching and complex issues.  I received multiple service awards for work on connecting homeless veterans to needed services and resources, identifying national cases of disability fraud, and routinely exceeding expectations.

After college, I joined the congressional staff of U.S. Congressman Denny Rehberg.  Acting as a liaison between multiple government agencies (US Forest Service, VA, Department of the Interior, Department of Defense, Homeland Security, Department of Energy), the Congressman, and constituents, I learned to communicate effectively, facilitate effective communication among stakeholders, navigate bureaucratic government departments, and build relationships across all factions of government, private industry, and the public.


When I'm not typing fast, I'm a mother, wife, animal and plant lover, alchemist in the kitchen, and seeker of adventure all over the Pacific Northwest.   


Topic and Subject Matter Experience

STEM:  Statistics, Calculus, Geometry, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, Epidemiology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Engineering, Public Health, Psychology, Metaphysics, Environmental Design

Arts:  19th Century English Literature, Medieval Literature, Graphic Design, Art History, African American Literature, Theology, Ethics, Culinary Arts

Business:  Scientific Writing, Grant Writing, Ethics, Educational Designs, Professional Conferences, Staff Meetings

*List of subject/topic matter not inclusive.



University of Montana-Missoula

*B.S. Political Science-International Relations 

and Public Administration

Montana Secretary of State Mike Cooney